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BEY STRONG- BEY A DIVA -BEY’S NEW VIDEO 7-11***messymandella***

You Will Never Berate Me! I am ***messymandella** and I will remain that Chick!

You Will Never Catch Me Slipping! I am ***messymandella** and I will remain that Chick!

Don’t ever encourage or enable anyone to turn your emotions on and your tears on when ever they get the urge.


You need  to snatch that remote back and remember who the hell you are!

“Be tougher than an lion, and keep having your moments that matter, with people who deserve it.

Motivate yourself to do exactly what they told you, that you would never accomplish.

Be around strong women and men that will speak their mind and stay sincere no matter what you believe they will always









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RAP GRID: Chilla Jones vs Yung Ill | Doomsday Rap Battle***messymandella***


The DownWard Spiral Of Wu-Tang Affiliate Shyheim Franklin Can Motivate Others To Change Their Ways***messymandella***

Shyheim Franklin schooled the world on what he encountered in the streets of  Staten Island, New York and he also received a stamp of approval from his older cousin, rapper Ghostface Killah  who realized that this cute little boy had knowledge that could bring his name to main stream status, and guarantee him the passing of  The Wu-Tang Sword. Most expected visionary and realistic albums from decades to come  as he would undoubtedly be  one of the solidified members of the Wu-Tang Collective.

What happened?

It depends on who you ask on the streets.

He of course has had numerous run ins with the law, but  most rappers do have some street mess they feel glued to and refuse to separate themselves from, well now we know the outcome of the next decade or so of  the once prolific and newsworthy boy that became an alleged drug user or drug dealer? Of course, again that depends on who you ask. One thing is certain is that we can all use his life as a blue print to turn away from this game, and find that freedom unless you are addicted to the fast life  that inevitability  will force  you into Shyheim’s domain, which we know is the prison population. Shyheim calls Doggie Diamonds to advise others  to  NOT end up in the same circumstances as himself, we can learn and take heed from “The Rugged One.”

This is the story behind the 14 years, that will only be commemorated by collect calls and commissary sheets, and people who will pretend to hold him down that will never walk through those visitation doors.You would think with the prison population being full of men of brown skin that would make us move into the light of a safe but profitable existence.

It is a damn shame, we refuse to learn…


Shyheim Franklin Arrested for Hit-and-Run

Rapper turns himself in for New Year’s Day incident.

Posted: 01/09/2014 07:57 AM EST
Filed Under Music News, Wu-Tang

Wu-Tang affiliate, Shyheim Franklin turned himself in to police Wednesday (Jan. 8) for a New Year’s Day car accident in Staten Island, NY, that killed Felipe Avila, a 29-year-old bakery worker, reports

The rapper allegedly ran a stoplight in the early morning hours of the holiday.

Franklin rose to fame in the ’90s, at just 14-years-old, with the single “On & On.” One of Ghostface‘s cousins, he hung with the Wu and recorded with them, as well as Tupac, Biggie and Big Daddy Kane. He’s also appeared in numerous movies, including In Too Deep and The Preachers Wife, and on the hit show The Parent Hood. In 2007 he started his own label, Bottom Up Records.

He’s also served nearly two years in prison for a second-degree attempted robbery conviction near the turn of the new millennium, and was already out on bail for an April 2013 arrest for gun and drug possession charges when he was arrested this week. He is now facing a class D felony charge of leaving the scene of a fatal accident.  


Young Jeezy – Return Of The Snowman 3 [2014 FULL MIXTAPE ALBUM]***messymandella***

Young Jeezy – Return Of The Snowman 3 Mixtape Tracklist

00:00:00 1. Intro by Young Jeezy
00:03:54 2. 4 Zones by Young Jeezy
00:08:20 3. On Me – (Feat Wiz Khalifa) by Young Jeezy
00:12:13 4. Holy Ghost by Young Jeezy
00:16:32 5. Make It Home – (Feat August Alsina) by Young Jeezy
00:21:03 6. 4 Block by Young Jeezy
00:24:21 7. OG Bobby Johnson (Remix) – (Feat. T I,Que) by Young Jeezy
00:28:13 8. Paid in Full – (Feat Slicc Pulla) by Young Jeezy
00:32:21 9. Double Cup – (Feat Ludacris, Juicy J, The Game, Hitmaka) by Young Jeezy
00:36:16 10. Hot Nigga (Remix) by Young Jeezy
00:38:57 11. Seen It All – (Feat Jay Z) by Young Jeezy
00:42:02 12. There She Goes – (Feat Bando Jones) by Young Jeezy
00:46:02 13. Which 1 You Working – (feat. Rocko) by Young Jeezy
00:50:02 14. Money cant buy – (Feat Ne-Yo) by Young Jeezy
00:54:21 15. Giuseppee – (Feat 2 Chainz, DJ Mustard, Yo Gotti) by Young Jeezy
00:58:10 16. Tonight by Young Jeezy
00:58:41 17. Ordinary – (Feat Trey Songs) by Young Jeezy
01:00:27 18. No Reason – (Feat YG, RJ, DJ Mustard, Nipsey Hussle) by Young Jeezy


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