Here Is The Thursday Thirsty Sermon Rain check, Due To The Fact We*re Being Sued For Spoiled Salmon Patties Left In The Vending Machine! (Bone Vs Kendrick Lamar)

This Is Your Sermon!
Wash your mouth and hide your dirt. God will bring the light to your misfortune,and life will reek of rotten trash, just like our salmon patties, left in the vending machine.
Be humble,and keep your head to the sky.
Never except failure and always check the expiration on vending machine meats,and that is about it…
If you did dine on any food at our church, you can’t prove it, and we don’t believe you!
You may need to get your stomach pumped, like Peaches Yancy.
Peaches Yancy is now at the Cross Roads and  our church will not let you kill our vibe…





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The Murder Of A Paraplegic – Terry Neely***messymandella***GRAPHIC

        A paraplegic person, of course suffers from a Neurological Disorder that causes a human the lost of movement of lower body and their extremities, Day to day activities becomes a challenge that happen because of the lack of communicate signals to the body that are utilized in day-to-day operations. The person has a disability this handicap usually has damaged their Spinal Cord or Spina Bifida or injury. This handicap will limit activities in most.
        Terry Neely, a 46-year-old paraplegic, died in a grim sadistic manner that would be terrifying to most people even in their nightmares. His death plot began when Terry Neely was approached by a woman named Angela Simpson with the promise of sex. That promise was only a lie to gain access to the labeled “Snitch.”
Was Terry Neely a snitch that knew dirt on Angela, she was facing a Robber charge?
I guess we will never know because the promise of a sexual encounter with Angela Simpson would be just the bait to send him to his fiery death.
        Terry Neely endured torture for three days and was stabbed over fifty times while being unable to move he endured unimaginable and he was forced to endure it because of his Spinal Injury. Terry was painfully submissive and actively aware while in his death trap. Angela Simpson lured into a mobile torture chamber. Next, Angela decided to assault him with a tire iron and hammer. Remember Terry can’t move due to his handicap and injury to spinal cord. She hammered a nail in his brain while he was alive. Angela removed some of his teeth while he was highly aware. Terry was later found in a trash can where he was also set on fire and had to be identified by doctors records because of his charred flesh. Angela Simpson wasn’t hard to locate after they had a lead that she was the killer.
        Angela was already in prison and confessed while laughing for a candy bar. Women can be just as brutal and hatred as men when it comes to retaliation.They say “Loose Lips Sink Ships” could this be the case with Terry Neely? Angela Simpson, is proof that even if you are name dropped as a snitch you can’t prove otherwise and some people want even listen to reason!



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Charles Barkley Is Not Prejudice.He Just Doesn’t Care For Black People!***messymandella***


Charles Barkley is a man that withstands disparagement in regards to his belittling and some would even scornful opinion regarding the Mike Brown case in Ferguson. Charles has spoken out against the masses in favor of the jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson. In an interview he cautioned everyone to reevaluate the media’s interpretation of the Michael Brown case, even though he had his hands in the air.


Well, it appears Charles Barkley’s comments as part of the manipulation designed by the right wing media, and was used to exhaust the faith in our nation to extend his bias support to discredit the hurt and protest in our country. It was by design and he was no different from any other puppet who would shuck and jive on Fox News and play black jacks with Rush Limbaugh while they drink Slave inspired tea, as they whistle “Dixie.”
That distraction shifted some of the blame off of Darren Wilson. We understand this is a critical period in our nation when all races should be unified. This time we need charity and unity, but Charles is not on the side of the people. Maybe, he is on the side of the people. He is not on the side of the law, moral and the law of humanity. In the last couple of months, I have questioned our humanity.
If Charles AKA Mr.Bojangles was in Ferguson and his son was Mike Brown, whose side would he be on in this media circus and slap in the face of trust? His hatred for the truth is fueled by mistrust in young black men in our nation. He does not sympathize or identify with the struggle, and he refuses to listen to the facts from witnesses, and has help weakened America’s trust in black men. In other words, if there is a picket sign or demonstration, we do not have Sir Charles on our side. He will likely be sitting at the dinner table with Paula Deen as she serves, “You Better Hushpuppies”, dipped in “plantation gravy” and “Colored Giblets” while he waits for the “Chap Your Hide-Chitterlings” to come off the hot piping stove



Tangerine Dream!***messymandella***





***messymandella*** OASIS and MGMT




Simply The Best Of The Red Carpet***messymandella***





Beautiful And Confident Women Look Sexxxy In Everything! Yup, Even Jeans! ***messymandella***





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