The Police Arrested Kevin Moore Who Filmed The Footage!It’s Time To Learn How Freddie Gray Died!***messymandella***



“Kevin Moore, the man who filmed 25-year-old Freddie Gray‘s arrest, was reportedly arrested in Baltimore on Thursday night, according to a Facebook post from “We Cop Watch,” a group that routinely films police activity.

Moore, who is said to have cooperated with police and turned over the video, claimed he was targeted after the police asked the public to identify him. They allegedly released his photo and told the public that he was “wanted for questioning.”

The Facebook post linked to a Counter Current News article claiming Moore was arrested along with Cop Watch activists Chad Johnson and Tony White. The group also asked for help from lawyers. Moore was apparently released overnight, but Johnson and White are still in custody.”*



Classic (Lego) ***messymandella*** Jack White, Fell In Love With A Girl!






Thursday Thirsty Testimony: Sam Cooke Came Back To Life As Leon Bridges – Coming Home ***messymandella***

      God is willing and able to  transform all  of your shenanigans into blessings.

Praise God!

Sam Cooke is remembered for his music and for being shot in a hotel room chasing a prostitute thot  and enduring  a pandering experience from the Pits Of Hell.

God was not going to leave Sam Cooke back in that hotel, with his pants down.

God decided to give this NEW Sam Cooke a new name, and that name is  Leon Bridges.

Leon could be an ambassador for Dax  Hair Grease, because he got that hair weighed down like a box of bricks.

Yes, Leon Bridges  hair will  dirty all of your pillow shams and destroy your  hopes for oil free bedding, and bed linens, but the man can sang!

GOD is still GOOD.

Catch the holy spirit by listening to Leon Bridges and revisiting  Sam Cooke, he came back ya’ll.



Ageless Faces Edition: Jennifer Lopez Gorgeous At 45 Years Old! ***messymandella***




Extra Curricular – If Today Was Your “Last Day” How Would You Spend It? ***messymandella***





Mick Jenkins – “Dehydration”***messymandella***

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