Thirsty Thursday Sermon: Don’t Let You Caviar Taste Destroy Your Sardine Budget***messymandella***

Why pretend to have money when you broke?

Why do celebrities lose their homes and have tax evasion but still have ten thousand dollars on their arm?

It is the Caviar taste, but the Sardine Budget.

So would it be better to look wealthy in your new Jaguar while you have a refrigerator ketchup packs, and cheese slices?

Would you  sacrifice heat in your home and only have  one dollar in your pocket, just to be seen in a Ferrari?

Well that happens in real life.

Some ballers  live from couch to couch but still will go above and beyond to impress their peers with materialism beyond their means.

You can get so caught up in the image and not the truth. 

When a celebrity with the flare and style of Nas has to  give Kelis that monthly check, you wouldn’t think It would have been an issue.

Oh, but it was  because even when Kelis was “Bossy” and wearing those furs and harmonizing her voice sounding like a fax machine, she did not have any money.

Kelis  had clothes, jewelry, and weaves but no real collateral,but she ALWAYS bragged about her wealth.

Don’t believe the hype.


Don’t let yourself end up like Rich Dollars, a baller that can’t  afford his  child support. $11,000.00 in child support was just too damn much for Rich Dollar’s  and other Dead beats will floss but at the end of the day, it all comes out in the wash.

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Timbaland – Give It To Me ft. Nelly Furtado, Justin Timberlake***messymandella***

I Introduced You To Wayne Perry, Now It Is Time To Meet Chester Campbell Wheeler ***messymandella***

Chester Campbell Wheeler was a hit man in the treacherous and drug fueled town of Detroit, Michigan. Chester infiltrated the drug underworld with a persistence that rivals Wayne Perry. Do we glamorize the murder and corruption? No, it is supposed to have an adverse effect. Even though the moral of New Jack City was that you can’t win it and when money comes into play, and can you truly be your “brother’s keeper?” In a life the underprivileged black families experience and suffer defeat. Chester had his own ambitions and he required full cooperation or you would end up six feet deep…
The rumors have been confirmed but how many people did he murder? Some estimate at least 300 people were murdered by a money hungry, emotionless, and relentless born killer.
When he could have created a blanket of unity for the people to improve the situation; he used his power to destroy his community. Yes, Chester would be the catalyst that turned Detroit into it’s own deadly and immoral empire and an urban burial ground, for did not comply with his demands.
Can one man be the King of the Underground?
Envy and hate will always annihilate the family structure, but are some people born emotionless, Chester know as “The Black Hand” and “The Angel Of Death” introduced himself to a life of criminality when he was 15 years old.
Chester was arrested for robbery before the age of 16 and set free to only return to prison again in 1955. In 1955 Chester like most, fall back into the “trap.”
Chester served 13 years for that murder, but he adapted to the prison life and it still kept prison mentality and never envision a life outside of the criminal underworld or from behind those prison bars.

When you are institutionalized you will repeatedly rob, murder, assault to find your self behind bars. Where you spend the majority of your lifespan at is considered your home.
In 1968 Chester once again was set free but somehow ended up being the “Hit Man” for Italian Mobsters. We have to keep in mind that hopeless men don’t have problems sleeping at night after pulling that trigger. They believe society has failed them, and that sorrow turns into hate, and the courage to take others down that same hopeless path. Chester was a professional hit man literally and figuratively. In the Detroit Underground future gangsters could enroll in a Hit Man School to perfect their craft. Watch the leader of the “Motor City” Story and learn from Chester’s institutionalized and desponded existence, an existence that turned Chester William Campbell into a Soulless Monster.
 Chester died at the age of 71 Years Old in the place he loved best, prison…

Fashion Flair Goes M.I.A.***messymandella***



RiRi The Leader of The Navy***messymandella***


Fell In Love With A Girl / Lego ***messymandella***





Mario – Let Me Love You–Neyo – Can’t Buy! ***messymandella***




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