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Protect Your Honor

Protect Your Honor

       We live in a world were sexual interactions happen every single day that have no connection, except physical and short -term at best . When most women say, “Most of my men are friends” they are considered a prostitute, or easy. As I have watched the superficial way we embrace sexual encounters over the years.  I knew that my last encounter wasn’t worth the hassle. Some of us, think it is a normal idea to embrace one night stands or be comfortable being a mistress or a side chick, I am not any of these people. I know what I am worth.
           I believe in a friendship and a connection before the panties come off. I have not had a sexual encounter since 2014.

Do I miss it? I think like a mafia man, I only want people in my life I trust.

          Hell yeah, but I know what I am worth and it takes patience to actually understand true motives. Someone can smile in your face and lie behind your back and make it seem like you are trying to sleep with them.

        If they ever had a chance to gain your trust, then that chance is gone forever. Women have to protect your image when you have aspirations and speak up to defend your name.
           You can be a groupie that sleeps her way to the top, or a DIVA or QUEEN BEE that has her own life blessings closer than she ever imagined.

        As anyone who knows me knows, I have had a soft spot for a rapper that has been a part of my life for a while(He know) but I can’t get used to the entire turn your head for groupies mentality. A man is going to do what he wants to do, but as a woman you must set your standards and what you will allow to take place in your life. Which brings me to a situation, when I was friendly with someone and he was my buddy and I assumed he was the sweetest guy in the world.

As a girl living in a celibate world, it hurts when you are painted in a negative light and someone is nice to your face but disrespects you behind your back.
TRUST is the basis of any friendship. When someone is your friend they will never paint you in a negative light, or lie on you to make themselves look like the man and be  negative.

That person is not your friend.

That person does not even belong on your associate list.
As a woman with dignity,you must stand up for yourself and speak up for your reputation.

The part that hurt me the most was that the information he passed along was someone I considered a friend…

Fabolous says, “Don’t tell me what they said about me, tell me why they felt comfortable telling you?”

         At this point, I have no words for either one of those so called friends.

         It was horrible what they tried to insinuate about me. I am an activist that does charity work. I am the person that will slip you a 20 bill on pay day because I see you struggling. I am the friend that will defend you to the end of time. It was wrong what they did, but that just means that they are not worthy of my time, or being in my life.


Speak up for yourself

I had a friend that I fell out with over her mistreatment of friends and she dates a guy I use to see or whatever. I am not angry with her and I am rebuilding my trust with her.

I show love to everyone and am a good person, so for anyone to trash me behind my back is unforgivable. I am celibate for a reason, I choose what to do with what I want with my body.

When you get blessings, you will cut the grass and see the snakes.

I just have to remember to look at how they live and it is sad, to bring down someone else for being celibate, and lying on her to protect their image.
I am a Christian that  honestly curses people out, doesn’t bite her tongue and will not let anyone in my life tarnish my reputation by painting a negative picture of me when I don’t deserve it.

I have to remember, that Judas smiled in Jesus’s face everyday.

People who are miserable want to laugh or misdirect their insecurities towards you.

      Phuck em, they don’t belong anywhere in your life, keep your legs closed and keep your dignity.

ALWAYS fight for your reputation, it follows you after death.

Remember the world is full of little boys that will show their homies pics and text to make them look good, because they are two faced,and men are hoes too.

Live life freely and be around people you trust and remember little boys lie, when they can’t have their way. They don’t deserve you or anyone to give them a second glance.

Reclaim yourself, speak up for your self and never let anyone negatively paint a picture of you that you unfairly deserve.

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