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Naya Rivera And Her Transformation…***messymandella***

        transformIt’s a contradiction of my personality.I love Empowering Women, but also love someone who talks about self-love. I don’t think that the beautiful women of Glee  are personified outside of their characters unless they sell their sexuality.

Most of these women over the age of thirty reinvent themselves  to gain exposure. Naya Rivera has chosen to stay fresh among the new coming talent even if she appears to be evolving into a Romanian woman, right before our eyes.However, we can not ignore the evidence.

           Why do we lighten our skin, and assume that being ethnically ambiguous will  earn more money? If that were true we would not embrace Lupita Nyong. I wear weave and have a lighter shade of skin,but it is genetics. My parents are considered black,but my great grandmother could walk through southern streets during segregation, because she could pass for white. Even when she was harassed  teased,her and her sisters still knew who they were. “The White Girls” became their name. They were of German,Indian and African descent.  We have to stop assuming that exotic is better, or any racial classification will gain success.  That is the entire plan of the “Willie Lyche Letter” and it apparently worked.



John Legend – You Got Me So High ***messymandella***


The Fall Of De’Aundre Bonds! ***messymandella***

       Nothing rings true, like the statement that one moment can change your life forever. You can leave your home laughing and smiling and then be in lock up within 24 hours. You can assume the night will be a night to remember, but you are correct because it is a night that you will live forever. The moment you realized that your agent and your fans couldn’t save you from your own chaotic life choice that has damaged your reputation and all the years of training to one “hood moment.” If you don’t believe it, ask Mr.Deandre Bonds. I decided to watch “Tales From The Hood.”

         Yeah, I am embarrassed about that too! I starting thinking about the death of one of the actors of the movies, Lamont Bentley who passed away in a horrific car accident. So I said I wonder what the little short guy was promoting now? The short guy I am speaking of is of course Deandre Bonds, and he wasn’t promoting a damn thing…

        One moment changed his life…

Here is his story and hopefully soon he will regain his hood star status. Here is his latest video.One moment changed everything…

Don’t believe it can’t happen to you and I…

Everyone deserves another oppurtunity after they fall from grace. I pray that his fans and the industry regain love and respect for this talented man. I understand he is of course rapping and still rebuilding his career. I would love to witness his return to the screen.

De’Andre, I want you to know I still believe in you and know you have the ability to make that comeback that you rightfully deserve.

NSFW:Breakfast Club: Fredro Starr Vs Charlamagne ***messymandella***



Eva Mendes Pregnant At 40 Years Old!***messymandella***




Shia LaBeouf Needs Help***messymandella***

I agree whole hardheartedly with this Public Service Announcement!

We are placating a disturbed citizen and someone in need of mental attention because they have another standard of behavior as a celebrity.
If he was walking around the neighborhood, we would be terrified. A homeless person had to escape a Shia Labeouf interaction. When a homeless person runs away from a millionaire THAT millionaire needs a doctor and a Transformer straight jacket.

I laugh at 85% of everything; this is an exclusion.

I honestly believed Shia was just creating antics for comedic exposure, well I did until a few months ago.



Now he is reminding me of this ———–>Ernest

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