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URL Presents: DNA Murders ILL WILL***messymandella***

Ill Will, BET’s Champion, lost his life in Battle Rap today.  He leaves behind a family in Pontiac, Michigan and a host of cousins and loved ones.

The time of death was about sixteen minutes in the battle. DNA and his tooth, were unrelenting with the torture and murdered former battle rapper, Ill Will. 

We assumed it would be a close battle, but Ill WIll “WAS NOT READY” and the entire stage suffered with him, the ashamed and saddened last battle of the man from Pontiac. Ill Will and his battle rap assignation will always remind us of who he was, and all those memories. The late battle rappers legacy has a permanent stain on it for life. They may send his ghost to the “Queen Of The Ring: Sparring Session.”

Watch the final footage of Ill WIll’s last moments and the second recent lost for Team Homi.

Thanks, Ill Will for the laughs and we will miss you on the URL Stage.

This is for you Ill Will….

Brandy – Have You Ever (HD)***messymandella***

Kelis Performing Live, And Bringing Her “Friday Fish Fry” To The Truck!***messymandella***

       You either hate Kelis or love  Kelis.

Kelis is an acquired taste, that can’t be categorized by one and only  musical genre, her stylized  almost rapping, raspy  lower octave voice, and her distinctive beat riding is her sound and of course gained her fame, and a hit song, “Bossy.”

           Kelis has a fashion peculiarity about her, that at times comes under scrutiny. Her voice is mocked at times, and even some fool put her on a list as one of the “Ugliest Women List” which is simply not true.

       Kelis is of African-American, Chinese, and Puerto Rican descent and her eyes and her soybean colored skin, is unique but exotic beautiful.

        Her creativity and her fashion accessorizes her confident and unyielding ability to still have faith that her record career, will eventually earn another  Grammy Nomination. Maybe it  this time for Kelis she can prove her  naysayers wrong?


       Kelis  surprisingly is a  professional chef, and recently attempted to live  a low-key life professional life, but  her personal life could never leave mainstream media.

She constantly has suffered backlash in the spotlight, for her divorce.

Kelis the chef, enlisted her own recipes as her track list for her new release “FOOD.” The author has also landed her own television show on “Saucy & Sweet” that is currently  on The Food Channel, but also is accessible for personal viewing  on-line. Kelis never embodied many octaves, in her raspy and often criticized voice.

         She however utilized  her fashion exploration and personal marriage  drama to stay in the limelight. Even if it was bad press, that press apparently became beneficial to her new-found success.

         Here is a live performance sponsored by Morning Comes Eclectic of her new single, Friday Fish Fry” and she should come visit us in South Carolina. We always appreciate a good fish fry, and here is the often discussed, but rarely seen, Kelis.


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