What Is Your interpretation Of S-Type’s “Billboard?” ***messymandella***

We are going to connect every musical and artistic culture together here at messymandella.com.

We will open our ears and eyes and appreciate Indie Street Kings, Battle Rappers, Singers, and Artist  of every age, and musical background.


Listen and ask yourself, “What Can I do with this beat?”


Some of the hottest freestyle are of course from Drake and Jay Z’s, “Pound Cake”  because everyone heard something else…

Artist  will stay motivated and polished if they listen to every genre of music, and respect  creativity and each others’ interpretation.

IF  the artist  is serious about the culture and  and the art form, they should be able to adapt and express themselves within any genre of music, and make it their own.

You will be surprised what artistic connections you will make that will also compliment  your undying talent, and admiration for OUR music.


All of  OUR music, except  for Justin Beiber….

Justin Bieber can go sit on a windmill and  yodel!

I don’t give a damn!



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Thanks For Loving Me! ***mesymandella***

Find yourself, be yourself.

Don’t worry about close minded individuals that  have no respect to our culture and  beliefs. 

 You just have to live, and grow, and speak up for your rights.

If you lay under your covers, scared of the world; that is your fault.

Nothing comes from just dreaming.

Be You!

Keep Going!

Thank You for linking and loving me.


It means so much to me, that you except me …for me!


MEET Gugu Mbatha-Raw (CBS) ***messymandella***



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