Mac Miller: I AM WHO I AM + Wonder Wall ***messymandella***

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Dr. Dre Signs 3.2 Million Deal Becoming First Hip Hop Billionaire. ***messymandella***


Peter Csathy, former president of Musicmatch, told Forbes “Forbes Magazine  calculated that after capital gains taxes, the deal would actually leave Dre about $200 million shy of being a billionaire. And his new net worth of around $800 million would not be enough to land him a spot on the Forbes 400.

But it would catapult Dre’s worth ahead of Puff Daddy, who currently tops the magazine’s rap-to-riches list with a net worth of $700 million. Dre, whose real name is Andre Romelle Young, is second at $550 million.”

“Beats has a unique brand. It speaks to a nice young demographic, which is really interesting to marketers.” 
Congratulations to  the Hip Hop Pioneer and Entrepenure that remains in the lime light, and reminding people not to forget about Dre.



Gucci Mane Doesn’t Need Prison, He Needs Thorazine!***messymandella***

How many hood moments have we seen in the stage play, “Gucci Mane:The Pregnant Thug Chronicle’s in his lifetime?

His entire livelihood has been based on Bond Hearings and beefs with anyone, some people were probably invisible….

Well he now has an extended stay in the “Belly Of  The Beast.”

It is frustrating to witness so many artist that are begging and praying for success, and the dummies who have it keep doing broke people shit.

Now, maybe he will be requred to undergrow court help,for at least the next 26 months.

His  hood credit will come in  handy in Club Fed but the  typical antipsychotic  medication Thorazine,  will be more beneficial. 

I have no sympathy of Gucci Mane’s antics but sadly this man is a plumb damned fool.

Gucci Mane doesn’t need prison he is in deep need of theraphy.

Gucci needs a straight jacket and a court ordered prescription to a years supply of Thorazine, but take his dosage about 5 times a day.

This man is not a criminal mastermind; the voices tell him to react…

The signs of his mental illness have overshadowed every fiber in his being, but the Ice Cream Cone  Tatoo was the  moment all hope was gone.

I know “Free Gucci Mane”, but only when he gets mental treatment and help from “The Reading Rainbow.”

He requires assistance from The LEGAL Drug Administration.

Gucci Mane’s Hood Pharmacist is the reason Gucci Mane, is bat shit crazy and  his dealer has not aided his psychosis thus far.

 When Wacka Flocka calls you crazy, that is more than enough proof that you have reached you crazy quota for a lifetime.

When Gucci Mane  finally delivers that baby he is carrying in his stomach, maybe that will change his life, you think?



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2014 Met Gala: Fashion Meets Fighting: ***messymandella***



Bring Back Our Girls: The Gavel: Chibok Girls Abduction Triggering Protests***messymandella***

     We are obligated to get our girls back safely. We have all gotten a little off track due to other blood shed attacks in the media (Solange) but we can not forget the focus of this month! We are obligated to preserve our energy and prayers to return those babies home. It is time to put more emphasis on protecting our little girls, and get them home.

I can only stress to all women and men all over the world to pretend you are those little girls that are afraid.

Pretend that  you are about about to give up on hope or  freedom.

As a victim of molestation myself, I can only imagine how they are painfully and mentally  hurting…

These Mother’s will not be allowed to celebrate any holiday with their abducted daughters, if they are not recovered.

KEEP rebelling to fight those pedophiles and kidnappers and “Bring Back Our Girls and let them enjoy the rest of their childhood that those bastards are trying to exploit. 


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