I Love Being Played***messymandella***

I love  waiting by the phone…

I love to act like there is a reason,you are unreachable…

I love to let you dip in and out,whenever…

I love to play stupid…

I love to be ok being part of a hoe collective…

I love you ignoring me, when ever you want…

I love how  you give excuses,the next day…


If you co-sign any of this, get ready to be a dummy!

“A player only loves you when he’s playing…

Girlfriend, I hope you listening to what I am saying

How you gonna stop him from betraying, can’t teach an old dog new tricks you know!”

Joy Denalane–Preaching The Gossip!

My women and men take heed.

Some people are so full of themselves, they  assume you haven’t figured them out.

After they text  or call you back with guilt, keep it moving.

If reading this makes you feel any kind of way…do better.

Treat that person better, apologize!

What am I thinking? A player never apologizes!

That is why I act like I believe them.

When you have someone special in your life, you feel FREE!

You are happy and nothing can get in the way of that feeling.

When you deal with a liar, muckery is the key.

Let them think they have won!

 Once they are convinced that  I have fell for their Lyingnesia I just do this…

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No Malice-June Featuring Eric David***messymandella***


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Kem – Why Would You Stay? ***messymandella***

Why is our culture ignoring Neo-Soul?
Most of the celebrated artist don’t receive financial backing.
The stay obscure among mainstream media.
If we don’t appreciate the culture soon, Neo-Soul will be an extinct genre in our musical culture.
I don’t hear Ledisi, Noel Gourdin on my radio rotation,and they have untouchable voices.
We are not buying their music, and record labels don’t promote them, so a high percentage of artist have one official video and twenty lyric only videos because of their budget.

Current Neo-Soul artist in this unsung genre will simply vanish without a trace…



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