Robert Yummy Sandifer’s Documentary***messymandella***Blind Folks Visions

Blind Folks Visions is part of my family.
They will bring this story to life. I love them. They actually took the time to reference me, and my story. They told people to come to! They are part of the reason over 40,000 people have read this story.
I don’t advertise, I believe artistic folk will show you love! Yes,40,000 people were led to my site by Blind Folks Film.
I want to show you my family’s documentary preview.
I cried and was so disheartened for “Yummy” but he has come back into our lives, because Gang Violence is even more prevalent. I am going to do my best to get this documentary to South Carolina and other film festivals.
I can’t believe the quality and realness of this preview.


Thank you for telling your family to “go to to do your research.”


R.I.P. The REAL “King Of New York” Died Of March 9! ***messymandella***


Can you remember where you were when Christopher Wallace (May 21, 1972 – March 9, 1997) was Murdered?

I remember seeing all that glass, and that Suburban Truck riddled with bullets.

Conspiracy after conspiracy will always plaque his demise and haunt his fans.

We may never knew who took his life!

He will forever be quoted as 1 of the Top 5.

The King of New York died on March 9!

Kendrick Lamar needs to “Control” himself and go somewhere and sit down!

How in the Google Map Hell, can you be “The King Of New York” and you from Compton, California?

Christopher Wallace, we celebrate the music and your dreamed deferred and complicated life in film and in music.

Legends may die, but the legacy will only educate us and guide us in our lives, to not share his fate.

Christopher’s rap impact will never be duplicated, he wasn’t an Angel but he lived with knowledge of self!

Hip Hop  Lives Forever, even if “The King Of New York” died 17 years ago! 

“We can’t change the world, unless we change ourselves.” – Biggie Smalls 

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Lana Del Rey:Off To The Races! ***messymandella***

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