Society Shifts The Blame Of The Decline Of The Black Family On Single Mothers?***messymandella***

The last time I checked it was obviously a stigma in the community regarding minority single women and admitting that deserve love, like they are scum only to be used for sex and profit. It is their fault that someone promised them lies and then hauled ass? Some women don’t really have morals and could care less who they wake up next to as long as they can rock a designer bag, and the best Bike Week Hairstyle on this side of the Motel 6. Some women chose the wrong man. We are playing ourselves! We know damn well if that man does not take care of his other “Soccer Team Of Children” that yours will only be added to the roster. Why have unprotected sex with a man who you and he can’t afford to get pregnant by first? I get it, because the government is going to pay for that child for the next 18 years, even if daddy doesn’t? He will only stick around about five minutes after he pulls up his pants(bonding time?)


Oh, we want to believe that if the sex is that good then he will somehow take care of your child? Why the hell am I out here working, when It is easier to lay on may back and get checks? The country has a double standard.
Stop rewarding fathers and mothers that are purposely having babies to live off the system. This is mental slavery. These government subsidies were made for a temporary shift in your life to hold you over until you get back on your feet. People are “Welfare Queens”, but it is still not the single mothers fault. How the hell you rocking a pinky ring and a Rolex and the government has you down as a Child Support fugitive? That pinky ring could put food in your baby’s mouth. We stopped appreciating each other in our culture and just started backstabbing and using each other when we needed to get off.We forget that we have women like Michelle Obama that can represent our culture.

These women we call birds, never received support from a man to ensure their protection. These birds, are the mothers of the earth and our society treats them like tokens instead of humans. These birds will have section 8 forever, and clothes rivaling a 6 digit salary.


We have to do better! Make him where a condom, or birds will have no choice but to fly to the next Job Fair, and stop leading their children into a generation of sorry men and women. I come from strong women and men and so do you. Our people fought wars and slavery and died for their respect,and their family name. We are stepping on their legacy. We lost respect and we should be ashamed we call our women the same damn thing Master did when they HAD to accept it. So, once again we all are to blame for the decline in the Black families. If he calls you after 12:00 AM and does not kiss you don’t have unprotected sex with him.


Your ancestors wanted to have their own legacy and family values. They risked their life, but they needed to provide for their family.
Listen women and men, when you act like this you are giving people like Sean Hannity and Don Imus, extra material to cover on their radio shows.***Single Moms Are Not To Blame, Our Decline In Respect and Morals Are To Blame For Our Destruction Of The Black Family!***

Love * Hurt * Destruction * Amy Jade Winehouse ***messymandella***

         When Amy Winehouse graced the world with her “Blue Eyed Soul” she had the world captivated.  Amy had her own style and a distinct voice that could easily rival any of our jazz greats. She was loved by millions and had  the world at her feet. She came into  the Music business with a sense of purpose, and an innovative way to reinvent soul, and transform it into her unique adaptation that no one could duplicate. She changed perception of music in terms of infusing reggae, soul, and jazz in her recordings. Amy Winehouse was compared to Dusty Springfield and even Billie Holiday. Why did we lose her?

        Amy Jade, left all her talent and life behind after only  walking the Earth for   27 years. Now she is  a member of infamous 27 Club she will be one of those “what if they would have lived?” conversations for years to come.

       When Amy married Blake Felder -Civil her appearance and behavior became a circus in itself. The couple would fight and walk around the street with bruises and would even cause disruption on prison visits,and they had to search her Signature Beehive for contraband.

        As her popularity grew her financial and professional life took a back seat and she began  to concentrate on her social life instead of  talent. Later rapid rumors of drug and alcohol abuse were later confirmed. Amy was seen on drugs and alcohol on various forms of   video  and pictures. The reporters of the publication “Sun”  printed a damaging video of Amy smoking Crack Cocaine on film. Sadly one of her own peers sold the footage to the tabloid.

         Amy  Winehouse was an attractive girl who later lost teeth,weight,and her own voice began to diminish, due to her lifestyle. Her legal problems and show performances suffered because of her addiction, and she wasn’t allowed in the United States to attend a performance, because of her reputation and legal problems. Some of her live performances were down right embarrassing, but Amy wanted to prove to the world she was still a singer.  Her fans kept waiting for her to make the ultimate comeback and silence all the negativity in her personal life.    

          Amy Winehouse made her comeback, or so we thought during this time. Sadly, her physical and personal life still controlled every fiber in her being. Of course it effected her voice, and  her comeback  was ridiculed and she went into a deeper alcoholic and drug related self medicated process. Amy  looked confused and intoxicated at every performance in her last days. We  kept waiting for her to come back, but she never was able to shake off those demons. What could have happened? Who would  Amy Winehouse be today, if she  could have been sober and demon free?

          Now the world will have to wonder what could have been for the  Deceased Lioness, known as Amy Jade Winehouse?

Here is the documentary.


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The World According To The Klaxons And MGMT ***messymandella***

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Alabama Shakes-You Are Not Alone***messymandella***

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