Say What You Mean, And Mean What You Say! ***messymandella***

For Women Who Are Strong and Determined


Women that are loving, but  Knowing  how they should be treated and spoken too. People that ignore haters and insecurity. Women that have been up against the wall and kept their head up high.These women are the reason I know life has more in store for me. So many opportunities,and so many good things coming my way.You have to stay focused. Don’t let negative emotions get involved with your struggle. “You will never see me coming,but you will know when I get there!”-***messymandella***

Women  can do everything in this world.

Women who don’t give a damn what you say about them.

You Are Beautiful.You Are Strong! You Are A Feminist!

Women who don’t wait by the phone.

Women that will text and call you when they get a minute.ha,ha!

Women that know mind games,and know that YOU will trip yourself up,and fall on your face. ha, ha!

Women That Love Life and You but demand RESPECT.

Women that know sports and hip hop, but still keep it girly and sexy.

Women that can show their humour.

Women who will have your back, as long as you don’t try some F$ckery.


So keep being you and love life!

Don’t let anyone second guess you or twist your lacefront!

Give them this Look  so they know it’s real in the field.

Key N Krates: I Just Can’t Deny***messymandella***

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Black And Gay Means Irrelevant:Mark Carson Hate Crime***messymandella***


So did you know that a black gay man , was brutally murdered?

I doubt you have seen many tributes or inquest in his death! American News Media could care less, if one less black man was in the grave. I guess because Mark Carson, is a stranger to most. I will help tell his tragic story. I don’t have many sources, to choose from. No one thought his life was important to discuss, until now. Well, try as you might, the news is bias in The United States. There is no way in hell, you will see the remaining “Tuskegee Airman” on The Fox News Tour. You sure as hell, are not going to see Tom Joyner‘s cruise sponsored by the Glenn Beck Show. When Matthew Sheppard died, he received bells, whistles and parades, movies, t-shirts, commencement from all over the world. It was a horrific crime, and I cry when I hear the details. Mark Carson suffered on his last days on this earth too. Have you ever heard of him?


mark_carson_protest_DSC_0129 (Photo credit: Michael Fleshman)

New York Daily News

A homophobic gunman shot and killed a 32-year-old man at point-blank range  after he unleashed a series of anti-gay slurs at the victim on a Greenwich  Village street, cops said Saturday.

The unidentified suspect fired a single round into Mark Carson’s head on W.  Eighth St. near Sixth Ave. on Friday night, after he taunted the gay man who was  walking with a friend, cops said.

The hate-filled shooter — who police were still trying to identify late  Saturday because he was carrying a fake ID — was with two pals when he first  approached Carson and his friend on Sixth Ave. about midnight, police said.

These were the last conversation that Mark Carson heard,

“Look at these f—–s,” one of the suspect’s crew barked at the pair. “What  are you, gay wrestlers?”

But as they turned the corner, the suspect and one of his cohorts confronted  the pair again and taunted them by shouting “f—-t” and “queer,” Police  Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

One of the bigots got nervous and ran away as the suspect asked the two gay  men, “Do you want to die here?” Kelly said.

The suspect shot him in the face…


mark_carson_protest_DSC_0119 (Photo credit: Michael Fleshman)

This is why we march!

This is why we fight!

 This is why I am breathing, to make  a difference in the world.

Even if it’s particle of light, I know why I fight!

Even though, we can’t ask Mark Carson we can fight for everyone’s rights. Lesbian,  Bisexual,S traight,  Black,  Latino, White this is our fight!





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***messymandella***Barely Seen Often Read, Peaks Out To Say Thanks!


Men and women should surround themselves with people that want to build mentally and physically.

When you surround yourself with haters and insecurity, you will be miserable and insecure and hateful.

If you are mortified about what you are doing in life, do something else.

You can be the master of your own failures, but don’t contradict yourself.

You don’t have to look at me to understand my thoughts and ideas.

However, I do exist…

We have all been up against the wall and kept our heads high, and  we will reap our benefits in time.

Be patient and happy with you, I am !

Shake That Evil off of you and celebrate Life!

Hope and faith, and loyalty creates a recipe of progress, and leaves us all connected.

My readers and my friends who help tell someone elses biography are witnesses to the power of redemption.

These stories sustain me, and that motivates me to do more for culture and it is  the reason I know life has more in store for me.

So many opportunities, and so many exceptional things are destined for you!

You have to stay guided and confident, and giving.

Don’t let negative emotions get involved with your struggle.

Love the men that surround you and let them know you believe in them, but will speak up against the misogynist acts of women.

“You will never see me coming, but you will know when I get there!”- ***messymandella***

Now, back to being Incognito….

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Brian McKnight ***One Last Cry***messymandella***

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