Kirk Bloodsworth:First Man Saved From Execution By DNA***messymandella***

You are convinced that the justice system will work for you.  You have faith and honesty on your side,  but is that enough?  Meet Kirk Bloodsworth.  He spent his life on Death Row.  Kirk,  only became free because of the advancement of DNA Testing. Without DNA,  Kirk would not have a chance to tell his story. I am always watching “Locked Up Abroad.”  The stories  always have one thing in common,  they are never given a chance to defend and  exonerate  themselves; until they have entered the prison system.  Some people have months, and some people years that are stolen from them, unjustly.  What can someone say to you when you have lived over 15 years behind bars, as an innocent person?  Why the hell would anyone except an  apology?

Think of all the moments that Kirk will never have a chance to  experience, and all the important family events that he unfairly missed.

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Lil JoJo’s Mother Remembers Son***messymandella***

  Lil Jojo’s mom is determined to get justice for the murder of her son. She has now publicly acknowledged the allegations of Chief Keef’ having a gang hit out on her son. No one has said that Chief Keef, pulled the trigger. However, another gang member has lost his life in the Chicago Projects. The cycle of gun violence will not end anytime soon. Guns are the enemy of urban youth;unfortunately the guns are getting in the hands of even younger underprivileged urban youth. Most of these kids are from single parents,and they do not have a father that plays in active part in their upbringing.

The interview is below.

Martina Topley Bird & Art Department***messymandella***



M A R T I N A ——– T O P L E Y ——- B I R D

Gay Men In The Civil Rights Movement(Anti-Defamation)***messymandella***

          Will You Rise?

 What is your inclination?

Are you a warrior?

Be Who You Are!

Will You fight with me, will you rise?

What can you  make out of the life that you are given?

They will burn you at the stake?

Will you fight for change?

Stand Up and live, you were born this way! 

Would you risk it all?

 Would you end mental segregation?

Are your values and moral code the most important part of your life?

Will you fight for your privacy and life?

What if Matthew Shepard made it out alive that night?

What if James Byrd’s chain popped,and he lived?

What if Mark David Chapman‘s gun jammed, when he murderd John Lennon?

What if Harvey Milk would be able to mentor his own school for LGBT Youth?

It’s my decision to live like I am dying.

I will sing, dance, and keep waiting for the ruination of intolerance.

Will you WAIT for  justice and equality?

Hell no,  you make it happen!


Born Evil?Lionel Tate***messymandella***

Lionel Tate being tried as an adult. However, now I feel duped. America was so worried about Lionel that we forget about Tiffany.When he said that Tiffany was rolling around like a baby and had peed on herself, my outlook completely changed.

Who could watch TV while a little 6-year-old girl was on the floor in agony? Was that evil? I asked myself could I?

Of course I couldn’t do that! Not many people could do this!

This means that we let this little girl die, and had more remorse for her killer, than her. His tears made us forgive him. Too bad , we couldn’t see Tiffany’s tears.

6 Year Old Tiffany Eunick

This boy knew that Tiffany was dying. He knew she was in agony and did not care. Well he was evil,and maybe now Tiffany’s story can be told. We were focused on Lionel and saving him.

Now its time to admit that we were wrong. Lionel was not the chubby little boy who made an innocent mistake.

 He was a cold, calculating killer and we let him go free. Lionel was given a second chance.Lionel Tate was caught with a  knife in 2004. He violated his parole. That charge added to his probation 15 years. He was charged with Robbery with a gun. Now, he will serve 10 years plus 30 with his concurrent sentence. He was Evil? Was he born this way?Did he Snap?

Lionel Tate After Returning To Prison

Sista’s With Swagger***messymandella***

Tinie Tempah-We Are Children Of The Sun & Trampoline (2 Chainz) ***messymandella***

    Patrick Chukwuemeka Okogwu understands his gift and duty to provide the Earth with an artistic story. The world doesn’t care about how many hits Tini Tempah, they want to know his story. His documentary will explore his ability to beat the odds, and strength to believe in his ability when no one else wanted to embrace his love of life, and artistic expression.  “Children Of The Sun” is a single from his 2013 album “Demonstration.”

      The key is to surround yourself with people who want to see you succeed. Any hater will maintain their hatred in their heart, because they are bitter. The insecurities of their heart can infect yours, unless you remain determined, motivated, unique, and the real you! 


Deandre McCollough:HBO’s*The Corner-R.I.P.***messymandella***

HBO unedited stories in the inner community,have always used the gritty,unmoving,uncomfortable situations that we hide from in our own personal lives. We can live in a glass house, and judge without seeing the other side of “The Game.”
THE CORNER, was the first authentic, and depressing series that dealt with the streets of Baltimore.DeAndre McCollough was a recurring character on “The Wire.”
David Simon(THE WIRE) also is the brain, and vision that dealt with this controversial series. Charles Dutton, was the narrator, and collaborated on a personal level with this series. Sadly the McCollough family was doomed, with the demon of drug addiction. Without giving a spoiler alert, Deandre was a product of an environment where he had no parental guidance, both parents on drugs, and living and breathing every negative stereotype of the poverty-stricken families in America.His family sold drugs, made of life of stealing and government assistance was their safety net. Deandre’s beliefs and moral framework were shaky from the start.I wondered what happened after THE CORNER?The_Corner_2000_HBO_l
Sadly,Deandre was found dead at his home at the age of 35 years old. He lived the same life as his parents, but repeatedly tried to get clean. He overdosed on Heroin,last year. 20 years later after the show that told the story of his family and arrest.Maybe, will his family find that peace he could not find in life?
I contemplate what could have happened to me if I lived and associated with the people who were struggling with the same issues. Sadly, most of them think I am “too good” to be around them.I love them, but you have to love some people from a distance. I am guessing since Deandre never left, he was a “crab in a barrel.”Everytime he attempted to change, he couldn’t leave his misfortune or his hood behind.Now,his the story has a tragic and untimely end.

David Simon-Death Annoucement
To remember him as we met him, twenty years ago, is to know everything that was lost, everything that never happened to a boy who could surprise you with his charm and wit and heart.

At fifteen, he was selling drugs on the corners of Fayette Street, but that doesn’t begin to explain who he was. For the boys of Franklin Square — too many of them at any rate — slinging was little more than an adolescent adventure, an inevitable rite of passage. And whatever sinister vision you might conjure of a street corner drug trafficker, try to remember that a fifteen-year-old slinger is, well, fifteen years old.

He was funny. He could step back from himself and mock his own stances — “hard work,” he would say when I would catch him on a drug corner, “hard work being a black man in America.” And then he would catch my eye and laugh knowingly at his presumption. His imitations of white-authority voices — social workers, police officers, juvenile masters, teachers, reporters — were never less than pinpoint, playful savagery. The price of being a white man on Fayette Street and getting to know DeAndre McCullough was to have your from-the-other-America pontifications pulled and scalpeled apart by a manchild with an uncanny ear for hypocrisy and cant.

He could be generous, and loyal. I remember him rushing out before Christmas to spend his corner money on gifts for his brother, nieces and nephews — knowing that his mother wasn’t going to get it done that year. I remember the moments of quiet affection he demonstrated when his mother was at her lowest ebb, telling her gently that she was better than this, that she could rise again. And, too, I remember his stoic, certain forgiveness of his father, who moved wraith-like around those same corners, lost in an addiction he could never defeat.

“I really feel like he’s at peace now,” DeAndre said after Gary’s funeral, explaining that his father was too gentle for the corners, too delicate a soul to be out there along Fayette Street. His father was never going to be what he was. Not ever again…What are we to learn from his life? Do you know a Deandre that needs your help? Now is the time***messymandella***

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