Common=Testify Hosted By Wood Harris’s Pimp Hair***messymandella***


Yes, I know that this picture is not of rapper Common.

I respect the hair of Wood Harris.

He’s In the video.

I love when he has his Al Sharpton Press-n- Curl to play Jimi Hendrix.

Anyway, Wood Harris  is the defendant in the video!

Katt Williams is the truth!tutorial

Who are you to judge me?

If you want your man to rock pimp hair in 2014…

Here is a do it yourself way that will save you money.

1. Borrow an EBT card and get 2 big batches of Crisco.

2.Throw a little sour cream near the edges.

3. Use Goose Feathers to part the hair.

4.Heat the pressing comb for 5 hours grab a towel and go to work on that hair.

5.If you have lard and sour cream left over, you ain’t do it right!

6. If you believe anything I just said…




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Bob Bowers- One Tough Pirate***messymandella***

Bob Bowers is an AIDS Survivor and determined man!
He has abandoned the victim role and became a fighter who believes with diligence and self awareness you can live your life, but take your meds. Bob is a part of my selective Twitter Fam, and I love him for his courage and bravery.
Here is a glimpse of A mortal that will remain unchanged by his diagnosis, but will vow to give reassurance to those men and women that have contracted the disease. Even The HIV negative family must  support the HIV Positive family. No one should fight alone.


NOISEY: Angela Hunte 1 SHOT***messymandella***

Living All Alone: Factors That May Increase Suicide***messymandella***Phyllis Hyman

Suicide, leaves many unanswered questions!
Why did the person give up?
What could I have done?
Will that person go to Heaven or Hell?
Who pushed them to the edge?

Environmental Factors That Increase Suicide Risk

“Some people who have one or more of the major risk factors above can become suicidal in the face of factors in their environment, such as:
A highly stressful life event such as losing someone close, financial loss, or trouble with the law
Prolonged stress due to adversities such as unemployment, serious relationship conflict, harassment or bullying
Exposure to another person’s suicide, or to graphic or sensationalized accounts of suicide (contagion)
Access to lethal methods of suicide during a time of increased risk

Again, though, it is important to remember that these factors do not usually increase suicide risk for people who are not already vulnerable because of a preexisting mental disorder or other major risk factors. Exposure to extreme or prolonged environmental stress, however, can lead to depression, anxiety, and other disorders that in turn, can increase risk for suicide.”-

Phylis Hyman commited suicide on June 30, 1995.

She was in deed Bi-Polar and dealing with depression and lonliness.

The world  knows the talent and the voice but not the honesty of each of her songs.

Excuse the quality of the tape, because her career lasted briefly outisde of Broadway Plays.

TV-One did an “Unsung” episode on the Tragic Life For The Queen Of song and heartache.


Goapele Under Tow Video***messymandella***

“When you already know, that you are caught up in that undertow, something won’t let go!”

Support Goapele and her Neo-Soul, Jazz, and honesty.

When you hear Goapele’s voice, that is the moment you get chills.

A beautiful woman, living and thriving in her own musical element. 


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The Most Beautifullest Thing In The World***messymandella***

Keith Murray

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Thanks Zimbio, For Linking This Article:R&B Divas’ Faith Evans-Tears Of Joy***messymandella***

Faith+Evans+BET+Celebration+Gospel+Arrivals+EkaOHKQoZkMx          Faith Evans and her unsung talent,  are proof that success and voice can be a stranger, to mainstream success. The music industry never shows Faith Evan’s the attention she deserves.  Maybe, because of that entire “Faith Evan’s Is the reason Tupac and Biggie Were Beefing!”  That  drama was in the 90′s,  and  LET THAT GO!  We will never know what happened between her and both men.  Why does this overshadow this womans talent?

             Faith Evans was competition for Mary J.Blige. Now Mary always has Grammy performances, and collaborations.  Faith Evan’s releases an album with little or  no promotion.  Now she is on a reality show, with women that were of course almost C list singers.  Faith deserves so much more recognition than she has received. Her voice is  unmatchable.  She has changed her image, and still the same results.

          Maybe Faith Evans should have tried to resolve her differences  with Bad Boy?  When she was with Bad Boy we knew Faith Evans!  So many women wanted to look like Faith Evans and loved her swagger.   She will always be one of the best singers,  even if you will never see her on MTV or 106  and Park.  Maybe we should focus on her music. Maybe people are still pissed  off at Faith Evans, because of Tupac and Biggie’s beef ? That  will never bring these rappers  back !  Focus on Faith talent, and not her past, or rumors.


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