15 Reasons You STILL Should Not Be A Side Chick! ***messymandella***

1. You deserve more than a part-time person in your life, who is not helping you.

2. You get the crumbs of an unfaithful partner, that will not be faithful to anyone.

3. You waste your time hoping and praying and wishing for a sign of love, dummy.

4. You will be alone on every Holliday, including Columbus Day.

5. If you stop helping the coward cheat, maybe you would find love and respect.

6. No one respects you, and most women and men can’t trust you around their lover.

7. Where the hell is your self-love and admiration?

8.Do you ever want to walk down the damn aisle, you don’t think 3 people walking down the aisle is a little bit crowded?

9. Where the hell is your damn conscious?

10. KARMA-and you deserve it, all of it for helping someone ruin someone elses life.

11. What will you do, when his main girl walks down the aisle of the store with his Discover Card, and you got an EBT card?

12. Someone is telling you that you are NOT even the waterboy on their team, yeah you are purely irrelevant(your just there!)
13. Life is too short to not find someone who respects you and your feelings.

14. You don’t want to face the truth of your desperation and that you might not even be the main side chick!

15. You opened your legs all year, and you have nothing to show for it….MESSAGE



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Hollow Da Don vs Tsu Surf***messymandella***

What can be said about Tsu Surf?
Of course, it depends on who you ask?
I know that he is very humble.
Tsu Surf has undeniable skills, and immaculate delivery.
I am a Battle Rap Junkie.
When my best friend stops by,he always says”You watching that AGAIN?”
 I don’t care what anyone says, Battle Rap is a sport!
Tsunami Surf is highly disrespectful while Battle Rap, but that is part of the formula.
If you speak to him on any Social Media Platform, he is very humble and respectful.



Hollow Da Don, Don Lennon and all 13 other aliases have created a buzz by ALWAYS calling out  “Loaded Lux.” I know for a fact that Tsu doesn’t “ride that 5″, but he does represent them “Grapes.” Aside from that internal struggle, I am going to  give a review. Now everyone has voiced they opinion on this battle. Drake and Kevin Durant even exchanged words, but no beef. Hollow Da Don is brutally honest about his love for “Lean!” Hollow is highly intelligent, and Tsu Surf killed his first round. Hollow won the second round. Tsu Surf wore his emotions on his sleeve. The gun issue, still weighs on Tsu Surf, “that time in Michigan.” Detroit, and getting locked still bothers him. Tsu Surf showed his emotional side. You can’t question a gang member status. Once Tsu showed his weakness, Hollow won that 3rd round.  Maybe you will see it  differently…

Paul Walker R.I.P.***messymandella***Final Good Bye


It was my destiny to die, and no matter how much you try,

it is everyones destiny to die,

no matter old or young,

death will break the needle on which you’re life is strung,

death cares not that you’re in love,

death will push you death will shove, 

till you’re life is on the edge,

then death the sealer of you’re destiny,

will steal you’re soul, and let you be,

for it truly is our destiny,

no matter how hard it is to see,

to live to die to simply be.

Author: annabell callest

LL Cool J ***messymandella***Around The Way Girl!

        Women we have a problem admitting our ages. Beauty gets better with age, ask Nia Long and Stacey Dash, and Angela Bassett. These women defy age, and prove that age is a state of mind. So if you don’t want to admit your age, let’s just nod if you remember wearing one strap down on your denim suspenders. Do you remember when men wore vest as shirts and baseball hats backwards? How many recall the “Mood Lipstick?” That was a scam because the lipstick was purple on everybody! Can you remember wearing the big earrings with the do it yourself bang and gelling up that baby hair? What about the leather vest and shorts that were “hawt” in the Summer? Camay soap was cool, and some girls wanted to use it  because of this song. I myself, was very young, but I still remember.  Well, if you do get a little nostalgic that is understandable. Think about the practiced dance routines, that you spent hours perfecting with your dance partner here is the video for you.

          This video recorded on October 7,1990 is a reminder of the earliest video cinematography we utilized and how that has grown in the later years. Check out the cheesy backdrop. History and Hip Hop will always be intertwined. LL Cool J is never mentioned as one of the best rappers of all time. The Top 10 list usually list people after 1995. Well, LL Cool J is one of the best and his Kango Hat will always be a part of Hip Hop Fashion, and his trademark. Rap music evolves, and  early fashions of the 90′s and the atmosphere have changed.  Hip- Hop before we were called bitches and hoes. Got to love it!



#AskRKelly Twitter Hash Tag Will Never Happen Again…***messymandella***


English: Mug shot of R. Kelly.

English: Mug shot of R. Kelly. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 R. Kelly reputation usually is foreshadowed by his alleged pedophile cases and precarious sexual practices involving video footage.

 R. Kelly is a musical force that enjoyed a stellar career, and millions of dollars on tour.

Jay Z and  R. Kelly had a brief tour “Best Of Both Worlds” but that didn’t end will due to R.Kelly’s jealousy of the applause Mr. Carter received.  

He will never escape his pedophile allegations and neither will mainstream America.

 He found this out the hard way when he decided to go on Twitter with the hashtag #AskRKelly and muckery ensued.

He was bombarded by questions mostly address his child loving allegations. R. Kelly only answered 16 questions instead of the hundreds.

Here are some of the tweets that mocked R.Kelly.

“Is your nightstand full of Judy Bloom books?” #AskRKelly

— ❤Tai❤ (@M0reThanAWoman) December 12, 2013</strong
What kind of inadequacies or deviance drives a grown man to see young GIRLS as sexual objects? @RKellyMedia @rkelly @GlobalGrind #AskRKelly
David Smyth ‏@davidrsmyth 10 Dec
what do you do when you’re all set to put your “key” in the “ignition” and the, um, car, just says it would rather read a book? #AskRKelly


@rkelly Yo, they said you wanted to title the album after your two favorite things… “Black Panties & Prepubescent Girls” True?


On a scale from 1 to 10, how old is your girlfriend? #AskRKelly

— Bart Kalisvaart (@Kalisvaart) December 12, 2013

=men repeatedly pay gag-order settlements to young girls they abuse/then affect an “open questions” policy on twitter

“The other thing, the thing that people seem to not know: She was fresh out of eighth grade in this tape. Fourteen or 15.

That puts a perspective on it.

She’s not sophisticated enough to know what her kinks are.”-according to Village Voice 


Child abuse of any kind is not acceptable, or hilarious.

I don’t think that the Twitterverse were making light of the situation of Child Molestation.

They wanted to remind Robert Kelly that he was still an alleged sex offender…


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