Green With Envy! ***messymandella***

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Alley Boy Recruits Children?***messymandella***

Alley Boy (East Atlanta)


Dear Alley Boy,

 I hope you are just a studio gangsta, and don’t believe your own garbage.

I really hope like hell you don’t have 15 years old and 16-year-old shooters!

 Have you have heard of Cragg and David Hardaway?  

They were two brothers that murdered eleven year old Robert “Yummy Sandifer.

I usually don’t  say anything when adults corrupt each other, ignorance is contagious!

Yeah, don’t see myself doing whatever you say!

 Music is expression, until you recruit young shooters.

You call yourself the Street Illuminati?

Well, you know that the organizations you speak of put Hadiya, Janiya, Robert “Yummy” Sandifer in a casket, right!

Find better role models.

Selling your soul for short-term gratification on earth is vile and selfish.

I know you have millions of people will agree with what you say but it only takes a few to speak up and make that change.

No one speaks on homicide among our people, for fear of losing their own life.

I would rather lose my life, than my soul.

I know our streets have more violence than the Vietnam War,but we just keep dancing…

Our  gang affiliated generation leaves a shameful legacy behind.

We just keep dancing…

We jump up in down to genocide of our people because it has an auto tune and repetitive  beat.

No time to listen to the lyrics about Children and crime.

You should be proud…

I hope no one is DUMB enough to “Do Whatever You Say.”

I am a feminist and activist, and speak my mind.

I hope this letter finds you in good spirits.

I hope all of your teenager shooters are doing their middle school homework and not using Google Maps to locate my residence.  

Don’t come for Me!

Your Sister In Christ,


Kids Dead Why Adults Make Excuses….***messymandella***

Who will take a stand?

I can’t think of any damn reason to have a machine gun

You can’t hunt deer, and eat it after you blown it to pieces.

What are you hunting?

Unless you keep your eye on that gun 24 hours a day(impossible) you are responsible if someone gains access of your gun!

Stop making excuses!

People Are Dying!

Babies Are Dead!

You can’t just say ,”Oops” every time one of these tragedies take place. 

If you have an Assault Rifle, your only option is murder!

You are intending to end someones life!

If everyone from the NRA would have went to everyone of the Sandy Hook  Funereals would they feel the same?

Little Babies go to school,Parents  planning Christmas!

Christmas will never happen! 

These babies instead, are fitted for the last outfit…

Speak Up! 

These babies did not die,  for no reason!

They died, because of pitfalls in our system and the  egotistical  tycoons of the NRA!

Make them pay for the funerals of those Angels.

In fact, make them visit the homes of the babies and the teachers!

 If we as a nation can fight  for Civil Rights even as  poor and forgotten!

We sure as hell can fight for these Angelic victims, of our society!

Will you?


Robert Glasper***messymandella***Jill Scott

Why is our culture ignoring Neo-Soul?
Most of the celebrated artist don’t receive financial backing.
The stay obscure among mainstream media.
If we don’t appreciate the culture soon, Neo-Soul will be an extinct genre in our musical culture.
I don’t hear Ledisi, Noel Gourdin on my radio rotation,and they have untouchable voices.
We are not buying their music, and record labels don’t promote them, so a high percentage of artist have one official video and twenty lyric only videos because of their budget.

Current Neo-Soul artist in this unsung genre will simply vanish without a trace…



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