Remember: Newton Connecticut {Jeff Buckley***messymandella***

Newtown Connecticut shooting

In times of grief and emotions,sometimes a song is all you have.

Because if you start to speak, tears will fall.


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Otis Redding-My Girl***messymandella***



Keith Haring Edition: Art And Hip Hop***messymandella***

Beyonce wearing  Keith Haring Design

Beyonce wearing Keith Haring Design

                                                                 A R T              MUSIC

Keith Haring

Keith Haring

        Bey, knows fashion and art.

Here is one of the late Keith Haring’s design on Beyonce Carter.

Keith Haring lives on in every art class and museum.

The Radiant Baby is still shining!

Queen Beyonce’ Shows The World Why SHE Keeps Winning! ***messymandella***

Beyonce, that pretty girl in your neighborhood, or your job that gets all the attention.

No way in hell you can hate someone that makes music, and dances on stage with so much conviction. Beyonce should have a restraining order on some of these bloggers, that have even stooped so low to hate, and criticize little Blue Ivy.  Blue Ivy is a  beautiful little baby.

Some hate Beyonce so much that it effects them mentally.

They bully Beyonce in chat rooms, if you speak up you are a “Beyonce Stan!”
That Buffonery ends at ***messymandella*** no hating, she still making that bread.

Beyonce is an inspiration to women that have confidence, and talent that are not afraid to tell the world they love themselves.

THANK YOU,for being a positive role model.

Thank you for being a beautiful woman, and not giving end to the crabs that are at the top of the barrel. Queen Bey kicks the barrel over!
Beyonce is touring and (tickets sold out in hours), and she released an album and videos in the wee hours of the night!

That Damn Diva

Beyonce has one song ***Flawless***

Pay homage to women and men that take symbols and reinvent

the perceived notion of writing, and get innovative with it like ***messymandella***

Serius Jones Brings Those Barz Right Back!***messymandella***


Ms Fit Featuring Willie Nuetron

LGBT Adoption ***messymandella*** I Approve This Message!

You deserve a magnificent chance to magnify your potential with love and acceptance.
People are not born with hatred and bigotry and here is proof.
Everyone has the willpower to love!
We did not pick the color of our skin, and we can’t pick who steals our heart.
Should you miss out on life, because of someone telling you that you don’t deserve it!
Children have parents, that parental unit must give shelter,food, and knowledge to make this world a unified place. Why do we assume that WE have all the answers?
You have the right to provide love to a child, and if you open your heart and loving ability does it matter?

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