Nas And Quan-Just A Moment***messymandella***

nasNas is that “Fine wine, that get’s better with time.”If you hear any of his songs,he pays homage to all the Rap Elders that came before him.He never forgets his own faults, and his personal errors in life and parenting. Nas has played the King and The Pimp, which can be a contradiction,but one in the same. I have that love For Hip-Hop, but want to bop someone on the head(pull a Rihanna) when I notice women dancing to shit,calling them a bitch or a hoe. I am bias, in that aspect because the stinging doesn’t come from every song. It is just a few that make me appreciate Huey from “The Boodocks!” Nas and other rappers need to make money in the industry. Some of Nas’s best songs, get overlooked. Even Jay-Z, and Fabolous mention they dumb it down for the audience.Do you know our history can be traced? No matter what racial background you have a legacy that is spiritually built inside of you! We have generations that can give wisdom. Wisdom, and tradition that we can bestow to the nation. Nas also wants the new hip hop artist to “Carry on Tradition.”
So many people get a hook and a beat and become famous,without substance. Isn’t that the reason people brag about cars they don’t own, and fake designer clothes?
Nas stays controversial but is a highly intellectual, and brutally honest! Nas has solidified his spot in the game not releasing filler, but with quality not quantity.

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Meek Mill’s Plug While Leanin!***messymandella***

Meek Mill made it out the hood, and he is no angel but he has provided for his family and given money to charities. It is possible to live the life and not end up in a casket, or in “The Belly Of The Beast.” Watch this young King’s troubled start as their ambitions and drive push them to the limelight. Watch him and his proud moments being able to provide for their loved ones.Watch as they feel that self accomplishment.

Watch their cockiness

Donyale Luna***First Black Super Model***messymandella***

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Donyale Luna, a brave woman, that admitted to her drug problems, lived a cosmic life.

She would tell people she was from the moon. She spent her days with the late drug addict, Brian Jones.

Donyale Luna, was of course a muse for the late Andy Warhol.

She at times would deny her African Heritage, and refused to be labeled “Black.”

Her bright contacts and lack of contact with Black America during her career , made her unfairly portrayed by a society that at the time screaming and dying for “Black Pride” and “Equal Rights!”

Donyale Luna’s life plagued by a reputation similar to the now Fashion Icon, Naomi Campbell.

We should thank Donyale for her presence and her changing societies Idealistic paradigms.

Fat Joe=Kanye West=Miguel***messymandella***

Pride N Joy



Gotye and Kimbra***messymandella***

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Man HATES Condoms And Believes AIDS Is Not A Real Disease!***messymandella***

Let’s assume that AIDS is not given and transmitted through blood and bodily fluids. We still know it exist. Some people argue about the origin of AIDS.  How can anyone with a straight face, deny that AIDS is a disease?

I don’t have AIDS but so many people are living and dying from it, every day. Hopefully no one you know is in denial about a deadly disease. He is socially responsible for anyone that follows his ideology. 48,000 have already watched this deliberate misleading and deceptive message!


I want to interview your dumb ass.

They Don’t Know You Yet!***messymandella***

Don’t let anyone tell you that your day will not come.
Sometimes it takes you to run through hell to get to heaven.
Sometimes you have to be deceived, lied to, or emotionally violated to get to your breakthrough.
I had this pain in my heart, people who I loved and would give my last dime to were backstabbing me and wanting to see me fail.
They don’t even realize, that their betrayal made me stronger.
The rougher the journey, the better the reward.
You have to keep going.
People who you know you and love you will be there in the end.
They know what’s in your heart.People can read and feel you,anywhere in the world.
I know for a fact have that 90% of people who read what I write are not even in my state.
I told the people in my state I admired, about my site.
I love life, that is ***messymandella***
I have this fire that is in me.
It won’t let me sit still.
Someone I care about joked with me about being an overachiever, maybe he was right (R.I.P)
Even if I don’t understand the plan; I have to do something with that Fire and Determination.
Ha Ha, I know my day will soon come, and so will yours!
They Don’t Know You Yet!

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