God Does Not Hate You, If You Are Gay***messymandella***

Picketing in Topeka, with the group's signatur...

Picketing in Topeka, with the group’s signature rainbow-colored picket signs. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

English: Members of the Westboro Baptist Churc...

English: Members of the Westboro Baptist Church demonstrate at the Virginia Holocaust Museum on March 2, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Krystle Campbell was of course one of the victims of The Boston Marathon Bombing.


Her family and the nation are already going through immense pain.


Now they have another undeserving tragedy.


Fred Phelps and his church of fools will protest this sacred moment. This is her last goodbye to the world and her friends.


Dreams of what could have been are now , are only “What If’s”


Westboro Baptist Church Members have ruined many political funerals and demonstrations for Equal Rights.


Here are some of their horrific bullying  tactics:


They laughed at 9-11 bombing, and said It was God’s will.

English: Westboro Baptist Church member Benjam...

English: Westboro Baptist Church member Benjamin Phelps. From http://www.godhatesfags.com. Image may be used for any purporse according to the copyright holder Westboro Baptist Church per copyright clause on webpage. Image taken from http://www.godhatesamerica.com/ghfmir/images/chi1.jpg. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Westboro Baptist also used their protest for gay and transgender funeral protest. They protested  Eddie Gwen Araujo Funeral! 6ceb0c_5012d690ed95a2d9fdcefdbbe1115cd1


They also marched during the “Sandy Hook Tragedy” and stated that all of the victims were going to Hell.


Yes, they even meant those innocent babies, were cursed in their churches mission statement.


All of their hatred and bigotry is excused,by saying it’s  God‘s Will.


They laughed when Matthew Shephard was brutally murdered.  He will forever be a simple of injustice, and so will Sakia Gunn.


Fred Phelps also pickets funerals of dead soldiers.


He claims that bombings, murder, and hate crimes are part of life with God is a war.


Now the teamsters of Boston have released a statement that the will be a human shield against the Westboro Cult


I believe Cults destroy freedom,  morals, and self-expression.


Fred Phelps like other Cult Members have brainwashed and retrained Social development into remedial extremist.


westboro baptist church god hates fags enablers evil sinners


Fred hates  anyone that supports soldiers, or our government. 


Fred Phelps is no different from David Koresh!


Manipulation and control and female submission are tactics cults use to increase membership.


You have to know that love and humanity make this world function, and we should appreciate diversity


Teamsters from Local 25 in Boston will protect the family of bombing victim.


Krystle Campbell,  Matthew Shephard Sakia Gunn


I want everyone to know that I take Gay Rights and Racism and Feminism as pat of my blue print for my life.


I know that gay boys and girls run away from home and live on the streets.


They too afraid to tell someone their sexuality, who they are!


I also know that women took a stand against Rape, and Reebok heard or roar.


You have a responsibility to live this life, to teach others!3130228866_westboro_baptist_church_thumb_400xauto_30598_xlarge


Fred Phelps will never change!


I am thankful that I have a conscious, and know that life is precious and fleeting.


How you live, effects everyone around.


 Stand Up and let the world know how you deserve to be treated.


 You should know your self-worth.


I had a teenager girl afraid to “come out”  tell me she was going to kill herself on Twitter, last Sunday.


I had no idea who she was but I told her to send me a direct  message and give me her phone number, and we talked!


She is still alive,  but wondered why would a stranger care?


I wanted her to know humanity , and her life is important.


I also wanted her to  the same thing when she had someone suicidal reveal their deadly intention.


 I show  love  for anyone.


Hate is taught at an early age. Westboro-Baptist-Church


 My heart would have shattered if that young lady would have decided to hurt herself.


My tears are coming to my eyes now…


What  if  she did commit suicide?


 What if by chance Westboro Baptist would actually showed  up to her funeral?


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Part 2:What Makes You Beautiful, Feminist?***messymandella***M.I.A.

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What makes you beautiful, Feminist?

Don’t Flop Rap Battle: Charron Bodies Arsonal Da Rebel! ***messymandella***

choking-2        Arsonal Da Rebel decided to compete with an unlikely opponent, Charron. While watching this battle I thought about the racist Lord Jamal and  his bias attempt to use the ownership of  the Rap culture, as only belonging to Blacks.  This proves that Hip Hop is ever-changing and is Race less, but impressively  competitive in each country.  

          The  originators of the Battle Rap Culture were from New York, and New Jersey and we now have battle rap culture events in England and Canada. Don’t forget the legends who ushered in this culture. The unification of black and white of all ages, battle fans have their own little community. We  are commentators and witnesses to the rapid growth of this artist form of expression. Some have left a permanent stain on the Culture, but you have to ignore the incidents that were completely inappropriate and bring back the culture of intimidating speech,that is only for show. No matter what is said after the battle, REAL men give each other dap, and a thug hug! It’s ART not BEEF!

            Arsonal delivers his usual flow, and remembers to discuss his Grape Street Crypt family like they are the Super Hero‘s of battle rap.  Arsonal   is clearly  unprepared  and thoroughly out of his element. Arsonal  is walking around the stage, like he is ready to drive his bus home, for good.  His confidence is deflated on stage, as Charron delivers verbal intercourse to Arsonal’s slogans. When will we get new material from Arsonal? 


         “The Choke Award”  of the year goes to Arsonal  Da Rebel for lying about forgetting his lines. Arsonal  thankfully didn’t use “The Water Bottle Defense” his peers use to bring them bars back to life.

          What is the The water bottle defense?  It is  pretend to cough, mumble to an entourage member and then repeat your last line until you remember what the hell you were suppose to say. 

         Arsonal painfully forgets his script, he needed an understudy. Maybe that was who he was planning to call on stage? Yes,  Arsonal pulls his damn phone out, looks at Charron and clearly chokes. He  powers  down his phone and says “Sike”  and Charron calls him out on it too.  I guess the Crypt did not have his battle raps encrypted.  Arsonal insulted our intelligence by  assuming that he could cover up that  monumental choke. Maybe he had pressing business to discuss at that very second, but while on stage?  

Did he have a Facebook request?

Was he liking a picture on Pintrest?

Arsonal choked and tried to convince the audience, that he had to make a  call in the middle of his battle.

 I clutched my pearls and bit my lip when I noticed that  phone screen didn’t have a damn thing on it to  scroll through..


Arsonal  should be wearing shades in this battle, because he is embarrassed that he is losing to Charron.

Frankly, I am embarrassed for him.  

Now Arsonal has his own battle league and dynamic delivery, but he was not any competition for the wit and intimidation tactics that Charron reversed on him.

 Charron won this battle easily and this is just devastating for Arsonal.

Anyone that says Arsonal won is either a Crypt, stan, or missing their hearing aid.

No debating, Charron bodied,embalmed and cremated  Arsonal on stage while the camera has footage of Arsonal’s ultimate flop.

Charron, BET is not racist at all; they will sell ignorance to any race!

BET  got tired of your ass, realistically that happens.

I want Charron to battle against Tay Rock or Hollow Da Don, he needs to be on the URL Stage he finally proved he was more than a flash in a pan, like Jin.

Yes, amateur battlers seem to make worthy opponents in addition to the next class battle rappers having that dying desire to one day headline their own event.

No one really took Charron seriously as a battle rapper, until now!


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