Precious Doe Story***messymandella***

This story is not for the weak of heart. You know kids are afraid of monsters under their bed. These monsters were in the bedroom next door. It baffles me how family members except excuses of a child’s whereabouts! These excuses can be short-lived or can last for months at a time. A child can not take care of themselves, and there is not any mother that would go long periods of time;without that child.

It is terrible when the Grandmother and the family are trying to find hope.Friends and neighbors unite and pray for a safe return. The mother or father who murdered them know that reunion will never happen. This case is graphic because the baby was decapitated and no one could identify her. That is why for years, Erica Green did not have a name. She was a dead baby, with no identity. This is why Erica Green was known as Precious Doe. The men and women of the community became family to this precious angel. No one knew…

 Authorities say the child was taken to Kansas City, where Harrell Johnson killed Erica with a kick to the head. Both Johnsons are serving prison terms in the case.

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