Russell Simmons Apologizes For Harriet Tubman Sex Tape!***messymandella

Reincarnation Is Real

Russell Simmons apolpgizes for the fluckery, Yes, Russell Simmons made a Harriet Tubman sex tape.

Russell Simmons Lost His Rabbit Ass Mind…

NEWS ONE QUOTE-Atlantic Slave voyage to the souls who were raped and murdered on American soil, are turning over in their graves in utter disgust at the reality that a venture backed by a Black man would disrespect their sacred history by parodying it with a sex tape of their struggles.

On the very first day Russell Simmon‘s “All Def Digital” YouTube page was born, it managed to desecrate Harriet Tubman – one of the greatest Americans our country has even known.
All Def Digital published a video titled the “Harriet Tubman Sex Tape,” which parodies the efforts of a woman who successfully lead hundreds of enslaved Black men and women to freedom. During the three and half minute clip, the implication is that the only way Ms. Tubman was able to free so many Black people was for her to sleep with their White plantation owners.


THIS IS THE SCRIPT(Da Hell is Wrong With Russell?)

“Are you sure this gon’ work, Ms. Harriet?,” the actor playing a slave seeking his freedom asks.
“This our only chance to getting freedoms,” the female actor playing Harriet Tubman replies.
After the enslave Black man hides in the closet, the slave master enters the bedroom and Harriet beds him. To make the insult even worse, the video visualizes Harriet Tubman engaging in very aggressive sex with the White slave master. After their tryst, Tubman blackmails the slave master by saying she has “leverage.” The slave hiding in the closet peeks through the closet door with a video camera in hand that supposedly captures their entire sexual romp.

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Sir Michael Rocks-Make This Bread!***messymandella*** New:Lobby

Sir Michael Rocks is so damn fine!

He is unbelievably fine, but I digress!

Yes, it’s Mikey Rocks from the Cool Kids.

Mikey is still part of the The Cool Kids.

He is using that to his advantage to make his solo career a success.

His laid back flow, and barz make this gloomy video come to life.

Do what Sir Michael wants you to do.

Stop Procrastinating, get focused and “Make This Bread!”

Don’t Pay A Man For SEX! ***messymandella***



Republicans VS. Democrats(Cripps vs. Bloods)***messymandella***

Can’t wait until this election is over.

I keep getting asked, “Who I’m voting for in this election?”

The proper question should be “What set you claiming?”

When did voters actually start getting gangsta.

How can you have HATRED for an opposing view?

Some of these gang members wear suits, and others wear Suspenders.

Either way these gang bangers are still apart of the gang violence.

This violence divides people at work, hair salons, and even at the local whore houses.

Are we suppose to wear a red or blue bandana in our back pocket?

Is there a secret hand shake?

Can we also wear the opposing sets colors when we vote?

Yeah, its’ pretty stupid to HATE any group for their ideologies.

Of course, it is ok to HATE “FOX News”, or the “KKK” (same affiliation).

People have argued, lost friendships and angered innocent people because of this gang violence.

I just hope that both gangs call a peace treaty, or just settle their beef.




SMACK URL / Cypher-Oun P, Audra, Serius Jones, Mysonne rapper***messymandella***


The Legend Killed it…

Don’t Let Fear Destroy Your Destiny!***messymandella***

 I started this site to express myself.

I have so many parts of me including love art, music, and laughter. I thought about what my friends and family would say about ****** I know that when I told people I had this site,  it would be confusion. I have only been doing this for a year. I don’t know what will happen in the future? I just know that national sites link my articles.

SO, who’s laughing now?

 I just knew that at first I wanted to prove to myself that I could do anything.

After I realized I could, I decided to connect with other artist and free thinkers.

MY people know  that I purposely change punctuation and verbiage because ART HAS NO RULES.

Some people laughed, or dismissed it as being crazy, or dumb.

Every writer, actor, or artist will tell you that the last people who support you are your own people.

I knew it was a joke to some people then  you get recognition. You look around and your life has completely changed, and you did it your way.

Don’t be afraid, a wise but crazy man stated, “Danger is Real, fear is in your mind.”

You will never know if you don’t embark on a new you.

 I knew that there were stories that would never get told.

I also had to set so much time aside to get started, but with love and dedication hood heros, ill begotten and victims will have their say.

I know also that when I thought people had my back  some just left me stranded.

 I think the hurt is the motivation to keep going.

Don’t let anyone make you think that the problem is you, or question your artistic style.

 You can’t be free, until you are comfortable with yourself. 

There is nothing wrong with you if you spend your day listening to Wu-TangKate BushNas, and  Ray Lamontagne.

Don’t worry about close minded people.

You just have to live, and a leave a positive legacy.

If you lay under your covers, scared of the world that is your fault!

Nothing comes from just dreaming, and hoping. Actions  and positive energy have to combine.

Be You!

Keep Going!

Thank You for linking and loving me.

I love y’all for advice, respect and truth.

It means so much to me, that you except me, for being me!

I say “love” because “You are beloved” by me and every moment on this Earth is a blessing.

Enjoy your time here and think about your growth, and remember I am there in spirit! 

Lyfe Jenning’s Must Be Nice~***messymandella***

Will she stand by your side after the money is gone?

Will you post his bail if he catches a charge, and will he learn his lesson this time?

When the money gets slack will she have your back, or choose another boss?

Will he promise not to make a fool out of you for demonstrating your allegiance to him?

If he gives “The Life”  up, would you still be down for him even with the dinero diminishes?

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