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KOTD-Germ Free VS Bonnie Godiva***messymandella***

A Quiet Place To Read A Book-The Keri Hilson Concert

Mrs. Hilson’s Phone Service Has Been Temporarily Disconnected

Entertainment writers for OMG Ghana posted pictures of Keri Hilson‘s empty venue in the Nigerian capital Abuja.This is what I think happened..

Senorita Delusional flew all the way to Nigeria, to be ignored!The Cleaning Crew told her African Tales from the ancestors. One smart person hid the microphone;while Keri sat in the hallway crying, “But I’m Miss Keri Baby.”

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R&B / Hip-Hop / Pop

Bring Keri Hilson to Columbia!

Demand it!682 people

New Video:Papoose-DJ Premier-Turn It Up***messymandella***

16th Most Beautiful Woman Alive(Brooklyn Sudano)***messymandella***

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Fashion Icon:Rihanna***messymandella***

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Still Dirrty(Christina Aguilera)***messymandella***

Let’s erase all  double standards  in regards to  societies gender stereotypes.
Mrs.Dirrty, showcases her freedom of choice.

She advocates rights for women that speak up about their sexuality and not afraid of the backlash?

Christina Aguilera will never be “Mrs.Cogenialty.”

She is a fighter and a blazing talent, who breaks every musical barrier.

Her voice and her lyrics will make some uncomfortable but  Christina doesn’t care, she’s “Still Dirty.”


CODEINE CHRONICLES: Lil Wayne Signs Paris Hilton To Young Money***messymandella***

Lil Wayne Launches  "TRUKFIT" at Macy'sParis Hilton, must have called and spoke to Lil Wayne during a Codeine Binge! That is why that drink “Lean” is the devil. It will destroy your life and have you walking around looking a Chocolate Cajun Swamp Cricket  with dreads. I am starting to believe Lil Wayne has serious mental problems. This is some Kat Williams crazy shit.   The dumbing down of America,thanks  Paris! Talk about two people that are not afraid of hiding their desperation, or hatred of quality music.

This is the  buffoonery that we ok?

Indie Artist that are working as waiters, with talent. Construction men who want to make beats and produce music, are being ignored for Paris Hilton?

 This is muckery and pure devastation that is happening in the music industry. We  are making life hard for real artist  to succeed.

All those guitar lessons, talent shows, and pounding the pavement are going to be ignored because Baby and Lil Wayne are millionaires.

Millions and millions, don’t make you a scholar. 

Cash Money is the home for The Blood Gang.

They don’t care of the advancement of people. 

Chicago Community Mourns Death Of 6-Month-Old Baby Shot In Gang Altercation

Gang members are not able to face reality.Remember that beautiful baby  Jonylah Watkins that was killed by Gang members.

Gang members are the forefront of the Cash Money Millionars Music Group.

Yes, Cash Money is a part of  the urban Klu Klux Klan, the Blood Gang.

 A message is being sent to idiots all over the world that it is ok to not have talent, and no substance to their music or in their political advancement. Act ignorant, wear gold, throw money at women with low self esteem. That is what we are doing to our culture. It makes sense to sign Paris Hilton who was caught calling someone a “NIGGER?”

Thank you Cash Money for catering to the Fox News Media Audience. You really are helping spread their agenda. Thanks for making every black stereotype correct.

       Cash Money proves that you can have 12 baby mamas and not offer anyone a wedding dress. You can get oral sex from woman with no kiss, hug, or not even knowing her name. Women are suppose to serve a man, and not care if he has a girlfriend or a wife.

Black people are in gangs, and our dangerous. Let’s not forget Lil Wayne saying he will beat a woman’s birth hole, like Emmett Till. This is why you don’t do drugs, and join gangs. Everytime you support Baby or Lil Wayne you are supporting the Blood Gangs. I would rather hear Ann Coulter rap, than Paris Hilton.

Sad, all that money and destroying your own people, thanks Lil Wayne!


E.V.E. Is Now Making Her Comeback?***messymandella***

Eve has always been one of those rappers that people have all but forgotten.

Women in the rap game, have to stand their ground.

When you assert your strong will and confidence, you  can get the conceited or arrogant vibe.

Yes,  EVE’s life is plaqued with rumours of her sexuality, Lil Kim beef,  and money situation.  

Sometimes, the private life  over shadows the talent, as in the case of Faith Evans.

Pay homage to EVE and listen to real barz!

E.V.E. has that cocky Sex Appeal.

We need new swagger, and seasoned talent.

Eve will keep you dancing with this banger.

Now we know, her career stalled by choice, not by failure.

Welcome Back, Beautiful!


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Hey Feminist, What Makes You Beautiful-2?***messymandella***

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