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42nd Most Beautiful Woman Alive(Christina Hendricks)***messymandella***

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Rosa Clemente Blasts Rick Ross( Rape)

Women speak your voice.

We also need the men a revolution against this ownership of a woman.

We can not let little boys grow up thinking that drugs, and money gives them power to hurt women.

Let’s end this violence and show we are proud of our queens.

No amount of drugs or signing bonus gives any man the right to take advantage of a woman.

You can still love Hip-Hop, like I do.

You still need to speak up when you are being disrespected.

Women that are proud , should use their voice.

Don’t stay silent, because you don’t want to piss someone off.

It’s better to speak that voice now!
We live in a world where you can get chose and purchased (slavery)?

You go out stand in a room, like a ghetto beauty pageant. You want to be chose, by someone who will not do anything but give you temporary gratification.

You can’t even think, that you worth a damn.It is sad now, people have sex but don’t kiss. When did sex become a business transaction that sold your self worth?People kiss their puppies in the mouth. People open up a bag of chips with their mouth, but won’t kiss you. That is degrading, and you are dumb as hell!

If someone won’t kiss you but will screw you, they think you are trash.

Actually, they think you walk on 4 legs and not 2.

You know you want more. Stand up for yourself ! 

 When you stop accepting dumb situations,it will stop happening!

Speak Up For Yourself


















Don’t degrade yourself,  just to be chose.

You make it harder for feminist women, to stand strong!


Close Your Legs!

Pick up a book!

Please, reevaluate your life!

43rd The Most Beautiful Woman Alive(Gabrielle Union)***messymandella***



Wu-Tangs O.D.B. PSA For Safe Sex ***messymandella***

When I spent the night with friends, and we all lied and went to The O.D.B. concert.

That  will always be one of my favorite moments, with Mark and Davide.

Yes, I am prissy and girly, but I get along better with men.

Yes, Old Dirty Bastard was 23 different kinds of crazy that night.

He even stole the microphone, and told everyone to get in his van.

You can’t deny his unique flow on the beat.

O.D.B. didn’t have to ride the beat, he just complimented it.

Now, when you think about O.D.B. You  think of hin having an EBT Card, as after selling millions of Records, and  his drug overdose.

O.D.B. was always high!

At the concert, he said, “I don’t want to talk to the prettiest girls in here, I want the ugliest.”

 One of my favorite lines from O.D.B,  “I don’t want to go back to the Police Station,  they trying to send Dirt on a long vacation!”

RIP Russell Jones



44th Most Beautiful Women(Jennifer Beals) In The World***messymandella***

Rick Ross Date Rape Lyrics***messymandella***


          You know people say I am hard on Rick Ross.  However,  Rick Ross makes it so easy,  because he is a chubby studio gangsta that likes snacks.  Rick loves lots, and lots of snacks, and bacon is his favorite  scent  for his Glade Plugins. With that being said, let’s discuss his gangster. When he was shot at, I assumed he didn’t pay the Popeyes‘ Chicken, or Dunkin Donuts their monthly bill. Yes, he has a designated sugar intake. Never understood why I have to were a bra, and his fat ass doesn’t?

       Now Beargrilla, has pushed his gangsta to the limit. In his song he advocates date rape.  Well, If this gets all the “molly references” out of the songs, that will be a blessing in disguise.  I never will understand how women are used as stable animals, that are their only to serve men!  IF YOU LET THAT KEEP HAPPENING,  IT IS YOUR FAULT!  One thing I know is no ones fault, Date Rape. Now that Rick Ross has told the world how he gets women trapped under rubble, this needs to end. 

         Rick Ross, as some one that has been sexually abused, I say “GO TO HELL,WITH CRISCO ON YOUR 44DDD TITTY BALLS.”  Men do not  follow what Sugar Bear Says, it is all lies.  A real man would ask for a chance to sleep with you.   Women should never ever be treated like your property.   If you such a pimp,  you shouldn’t have to drug her to sleep with her. I do not understand why people can not understand that the longer we treat women like this we are destroying ourselves? You women need to understand, a man can only do what you let them do,  so think about that? 

        Don’t get in the Car with BearGrilla, because he will slip drugs in the syrup at the Pancake House.  Next thing you know you will be trapped in another version of  “The Hunger Games.”

Rick  Ross Quote: “Put molly all in her champagne, she ain’t even know it / I took her home and I enjoyed that, she ain’t even know it.”

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