Paul Wall+Bun B+Lil KeKe***messymandella***

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Nina Simone Live Mississippi God*amn

Loick Essien & Bashy ***messymandella***

Style.Com Presents-Valentino Spring 2013 ***messymandella***

Earl Sweatshirt-Chum***messymandella***







Sara Kruzan:Life Without Parole At 16 Years Old***messymandella***

When you are 13 years old,  your life is just beginning.

Well, as little girls you are taught to protect your body.

You don’t think that their life is about to end.

Yes, that is correct at 13!

Now Sara Kruzan who killed her molester will never walk the earth again, as a free woman.

Now, where is the justice?

Women are told to stand up for their rights.

When they escape their molesters, they get punished?

If someone robbed you for all of your earthly possessions, you would fight to protect yourself.

Is your spiritual and sexual control not important?

Why would you lose your freedom for protecting your body?

Meet Sara

Don’t Piss Off A Nut Case -(Kanye West) ***messymandella***


I couldn’t care less about the mating rituals of  Kanye West and Kimmy “The Human Urinal” Kardashian.

I  do have a problem with Kanye’s toddler temper tantrums.

He is more salty than all of the Queens on 936-paris_is_burning(2)

Kanye West will twist your wig, if you get in the way of his Diva Decisions!

Watch Kanye West prove why a straight jacket, should be his uniform.

Why in the Willi Ninja Heaven; would he attempt to  sing?

That was pure foolery of the sorts.

No way in hell, can he call those sounds “notes” coming from his mouth.

I don’t know who is more of an attention whore, Kim or Kanye?

Either way watch Kanye  show his ass  again.

This is what happens when you piss off  a Queen


Lemar -Invincible***messymandella***

Quvenzhané Wallis Vs The Onion ***messymandella***


         The Oscars of course always seem to be too contrived for my taste. Of course, have a problem with adults, calling children derogatory names. Why would an adult bully a child? Maybe we should ask “The Onion?” Whoever thought it was ok to call  a  beautiful, little girl a “C*nt” does not deserve to write anywhere for that matter.

           When will we have a chance to speak to the writer. Of course, we now that the bully is about to get bullied by the media, himself. I don’t think the writer is racist. That is a bit too much. Just remember he did not use one adjective regarding her ethnicity, or hue of  her skin. He is just an awful person, with a mean streak and shock value issues. Some people feel as if they say the meanest thing, it will be the funniest. If this was an adult, it would still be a misogynist statement. The fact that it is a little girl! That makes in unacceptable and down right disgusting.


PARAMORE-NOW ***messymandella***

Paramore uses that Pop and Ska Vibe made famous by No Doubt, and Gwen Stefani.

Paramore uses their unique approach to vocals.

The guitars are always harmonizing behind Hayley Williams powerful voice.

I may have to agree with Hayley, this seems to be their best music yet.

Fueled By Ramen, keeps producing some of the unique, hits.

Who would think that all the artist are making money doing something they really love?

That is the life! Check out this Joan Of Arc,  Apocalypse  Video.


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