Ellie Goulding=Figure 8



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Ready Or Not(fugees cover)



The Wind Beneath My Wings-Sybil LAPD***messymandella***


“Damn who I Live With…”


“I’m the United States King, higher than the president! Why you hiding me?”


“I don’t do Favors!”



Adele s k y f a l l



             New mom, Adele  has officially sold Ten Million Albums.

            I know it was because of her Beautiful Negro Spiritual “Rolling In The Deep!” 

            Adele had seventeen 1922 choirs in that chorus.

           She had to resurrect  Bessie Smith, Harriett Tubman…

           “Rolling In The Deep”  lyrics were warnings to everyone’s partner!

            My interpretation was pretty much, “I’m not letting you back in, YOU DID IT TO YOURSELF!”                 

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Stalley=Go On, Go On

Go On
Go On






Yoko Ono + John Lennon {OH MY LOVE


Imagine Dragons=Its Time

Imagine Dragons-Its Time


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Styles P=It’s Over

It’s Over


Len Bias=Jordan Potential?

Len Bias (November 18, 1963 – June 19, 1986) tragic life still haunts basketball fans 26 years later after his death. People wonder could he have been Michael Jordan? How would his legacy compare with NBA Athletes for years to come? Here are some of Bias highlights http://youtu.be/1DGVlXxG2Pk

He was second pick in the 1986 NBA draft.

Did Len Bias have the potential to be the best?

Some NBA historians think he could have rivaled Michael Jordan? Unfortunately we will never know.

Lin Bias left dinner, in his newly leased car and headed to local dorm. That night he snorted cocaine 2 days after being drafted and had a seizure and died. He never began his NBA career.

He also signed a $3,000,000 contract to endorse Reebok. According to writer Richard JT, “Bias was way more advanced than Jordan while in college.” His “childhood friend” Brian Tribble (known drug dealer) convicted of supplying the cocaine that tragic night.I have friends and family members that chose selling and doing drugs over their talent. Now they watch the games! However, some of them should be on that same damn court. At times, it saddens you to see these men doing nothing with their talent.Unlike talent wasted, Michael Jordan kept perfecting his game. Jordan is the Best NBA Player of all time. Len Bias is an NBA tragedy that could have been a legacy;  Len Bias will always haunt the Basketball Community.Anytime he is mentioned in conversations, as a urban legend.

We still think about his potential now. He has been gone for 26 years. Talent Lost!

If only …

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